Understanding on site behaviour is key to helping you identify those key leads. We are able to help you understand what your visitors are looking for within your site which in turn will enable you to tailor your marketing to their meet particular requirements.

We are able to determine any search criteria made, how many times they visited your site, the pages viewed and the time spent. All of which will help you to identify key leads and ensure a targeted communication approach.


Getting started is simple. Assisted set up is provided
to support you every step of the way.


We are able to identify the name of the company visiting your website and provide you with details of there website, and social media to allow you to follow up.


We can even tell you what browser they were using at the time of the search. We can also track the individual visits per page within your site. This shows you their journey and level of interest


We provide real time reporting with all the information you need. Reports can be emailed directly from the application. You can access the latest data via your dashboard.


There is no restriction on the number of users and we are able to support all devices.


We provide ongoing support via email support and live chat, so you can contact us anytime.


You can export to a CSV file which gives you the ability import your data with other applications or straight into Excel.


We can even integrate via API to thirdparties such as SalesForce


If you need to understand triggers that are important to your business. You can understand your customers intentions when accessing your site. This allows a better focus and insight to covert previously lost leads.

Let us give you the insight to lead your business into the future...

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